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-+~ Gummy Bears ~+- by LoserDork -+~ Gummy Bears ~+- :iconloserdork:LoserDork 0 0 -+~ Stevey Got Bored ~+- by LoserDork -+~ Stevey Got Bored ~+- :iconloserdork:LoserDork 1 0
-+~ I apologize, but I cannot stay. ~+-
This is to my old friend, I know she'll never see this, but still...
Alex, I'm sorry.
~ Stevey

I've broken all my promises to you.
That I'd never change,
never be someone who you couldn't view.
I've apologized many times, but here's another.
I said it in a desperate, and pleading voice,
I'm sorry, but now I'm too tired to use that tone,
I'm sorry, but this dead voice is  my only other choice.
I asked you why I should fight for something that only I want,
You answered "Because you love me?"
the serious face you had, did still haunt
me when I said the next sentence, "That's precisely why I wont fight for you anymore."
Sorry, sorry!
But I've done all I can!
Sorry, sorry!
Please, just hate me as much as you can.
Atleast that way we can both be happy,
we can let go,
and I will no longer
have to stop the tears' flow.
I was the shoulder you cried on,
when the world was against you.
You were the shoulder I almost died on,
when I made stupi
:iconloserdork:LoserDork 1 0
-+~ Amy's Drawing ~+- by LoserDork -+~ Amy's Drawing ~+- :iconloserdork:LoserDork 0 0
-+~ My Mommy Is Summer Marie~+-
W-well, you all have your traditional mommies and daddies, I can't see why mine can't be a little different!
~ Amy
~ Jace

We love you mommy, when my real mama and papa threw me out, you took me into your home, you let me stay with you for weeks, even if it caused Granma and Granpa to feel uneasily, you cooked for me, and when I had nightmares at night, you stayed up and tried to make me feel better when I cried.
When I had a nightmare that Papa got hurt, you got dressed at three in the morning and got two rides to a different town to show me that he was just fine! You sacrifice nights of sleep and studying, and even let down your precious readers, making excuses that you're sick, I remember one day, you stayed home from a track meet you were looking forward to, just to look after me cause I got a fever.
I'm sorry
:iconloserdork:LoserDork 1 0
-+~ Changing Me, And Changing Yourself~+-
To the Original You can find her name in here if you look hard enough
Why, oh why,
my little butterfly,
do you insist on changing yourself?
You say
you feel happier this way,
but is it only for your mental health?
Feeling helpless and shut out,
is it really not a reason to pout?
Why do you have to act so strong?
You feel alone,
all you really need is a home.
So why is it, with these people, you just go along?
You claim I'm only a figment of imagination,
yet, it's I who has given you enough strength to lead a nation.
Why do you protect the weak?
You can rule any land you'd like,
but you simply help the hurt, and somehow, us two, are still alike.
It's not their approval you seek.
I'm a selfish man,
who has never once offered another a helping hand.
Why are you, such a young girl, so important to me?
You are so kind hearted and sweet,
you are beautiful, with men and women alike falling to your feet.
Maybe that's just what I want to help you see.
You're not a
:iconloserdork:LoserDork 1 13
-+~ Sealing Your Fate~+-
So, this actually happened, but not entirely this way, the conversation was pretty much the same, but the moment was actually alot less dramatic than this.

Sealing Your Fate

I stared with emotionless eyes as he kneeled before me, bowing his head, just as all the others had.
"And you're sure you want to go through with this?" I felt the words leave my lips, but I hadn't spoken a word.
The voice was deep, hard to tell whether it was a man or a woman, but soft spoken, with a proper tone and polite, sweet words.
He lifted his head, seeing past the exterior, just as I had with the others, I saw the red glint in his eyes.
"Of course, I'm confident in my choice, and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind." his eyes glittered with determination, staring into those brown orbs, I felt a slight tinge in my heart, it was just a dull ache, and it was gone as soon as it started.
"What of the others? Do you feel the same way about them?" it was cold, and susp
:iconloserdork:LoserDork 0 0
-+~.'A Little Conversation Between Us'.~+-
SO, I felt like uploading something...
No that funny unless you can hear our tones of voice.
Mom: I'm going to the store, ya'll want anything?
Stevey: I'm out of shampoo and conditioner.
Mom: Anything else?
Stevey: Yah, face wash....and dish soap...and body wash...and laundry soap..
Isaiah: Dayum girl, do ya got anything?
Stevey: Dayum boy, don't call me no girl, I got a fuckin' name! Use it.
Chase: Far as I'm concerned, you guys are both idiots, so shut the firetruck up so I can sleep in piece....
:iconloserdork:LoserDork 0 0
-+~ Short and Sweet ~+-
Short and Sweet, something I wrote on a whim
Wishin' on a star,
isn't by far,
the worst thing I've done with my time,
I think the worst thing I've ever done,
is write this little rhyme.
:iconloserdork:LoserDork 1 2
-+~You used to be so sweet!~+-
I used to be so sweet,
or so you say,
I used to be so sweet,
but I'm not today.
Why did I change?
I didn't like getting called a fag.
Why did I change?
I was tired of being the punching bag.
Why did I stop smiling?
I stopped caring.
Why did I stop smiling?
When Emotions left, I stopped sharing.
Am I insane?
Some would say.
Am I insane?
Did you think it was just an act, a play?
Multiple personality disorder?
Feels like there's a huge corridor.
Multiple personality disorder?
There was an order?
I'm bipolar.
So I try to stay away from the whole mood thing.
I'm bipolar.
Yet most don't get to see my mood swings.
I'm a mimick artist,
or so they say,
but they don't know that I can't draw,
it's just the artist's role I play.
I can't even write well,
say hello to Stella,
because after she's done here,
we both get to burn in hell.
I can't draw, Isaiah does that for me,
I get the idea,
but I'm not skilled with a pencil,
so it's wasted on me.
Say hello to Stevey,
the one most of you talk to,
:iconloserdork:LoserDork 4 2
We Resemble Manga by LoserDork We Resemble Manga :iconloserdork:LoserDork 0 0
What if?...A Katekyou Hitman Reborn Fanfic
Hm....I just kept thinking about this, and well, I couldn't get it out of my mind. I'll probably upload this to later....
             What if?
The boy laughed, running home, he'd gotten rather used to the everyday chaos, and the curse of the acrobaleno had seemed to be lifted, seeing as Reborn was ageing, slowly but surely the boy now looked to be 7 years of age.
Tsuna smiled to himself,he was older now, too! He was now 18, thanks to Reborn's tutoring, and Gokudera's help, he was going to graduate this year!
He walked down the cement path happily, it was weird, how now, he looked forward to training, even if he got beat up, he was happy.
He walked happily into the room, the door bursting open to show a bright ball of sunshine, his brown eye's sparkled happily, he was looking forward to getting together with his friends today! "Reborn?"
He called, walking up the stairs then throwing open th
:iconloserdork:LoserDork 1 0
*Will you go out with me?*
"Hey," the tall-ish boy ran toward the black-haired girl, "S-Stevey?"
"Hn?" the girl gave him the same poker face she gives everyone, her dark brown eyes seeming to see straight through his heart and soul.
That's why he liked her.
But little did he know that poker face was just because she wasn't paying attention to a single thing, just staring off into space and trying not to get caught.
"W-Will you go out with me?" he looked up, face flushed, his dark brown bangs.
"You mean like on a date?" her eyes widened a centimeter and she raised an eyebrow, she got asked out once a week, she knew most of them were just jokes though.
"Yeah." he said, looking at the cement again.
"When?" she raised her eyebrow higher, it depended on how he replied to this one question, and she'd already decided that in her mind.
" This weekend!" his face brightened, hopwe burning in his eyes.
Stevey recognized this reaction, but not as the one that he honestly meant to give, she grinned cockily, eyes glimmering w
:iconloserdork:LoserDork 1 0
Just leave me be.
Usually, I just get annoyed when you bother me.
Shut up, walk away.
That's the door, right over there, do you see it?
Stupid, I said leave me alone.
Ha! You think I actually care if you apologize!
Ugh...I accept it, now away with you!
That's just great, take a seat and explain why you did it! I'm listening, I promise!
U really don't know when to be quiet?
Please, just be quiet and sit with me, I'll get over it, just leave me alone and let me
    sulk for a bit...
:iconloserdork:LoserDork 1 0
My Love, I love you!
I've noticed, I'm the only one who hasn't submitted anything yet! >:( Now that won't do! So please, now that you're here, please sit back and enjoy the short poem I wrote on a whim. :)
My love,
not something to be taken lightly,
why is it even there?
I hate it slightly.
Why, oh why,
did I end up falling in love,
with a guy,
like you.
I mean seriously ew..
Well, not really,
as a matter of fact, your personality is cute,
a lesser women would say, you complete me.
Ergh...What the...
Why am I saying such embarassing things, huh?
Besides...Earlier you asked whether.
I hate you or I love you.
Well, my love, to answer your question,
I hate that I love you.
I never liked it from the start,
but now when we let go,
I find it hard to depart.
Up and down,
round and round,
our roller coaster goes,
where it stops?
Nobody really knows.
But that's the fun of it,
not knowing,
where in the hell we're going.
That's the reason I love you.
So, please, never again, ask me,
if it's just because I have to.
:iconloserdork:LoserDork 2 0
Because, I am Somebody! by LoserDork Because, I am Somebody! :iconloserdork:LoserDork 3 0


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be patient, they'll make their own, someday~! ^^


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